Ecologically Significant Areas

Approximately 75% of Nova Scotia woodland is privately owned, which means individual landowners play a very important role in helping to identify and protect ecologically significant areas in the province.

Private land stewardship initiatives are being undertaken in Nova Scotia by various groups and organizations including the following:

Nature Conservancy Canada, Atlantic Canada

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Private Land Stewardship
NS Department of Environment & Labour


NS Statutes enabling private land protection:
Special Places Protection Act
Conservation Easements Act
Provincial Parks Act
Wilderness Areas Protection Act
Beaches Act
Trails Act

Campaign for Conservation (press release)
Joint Initiative - Province of NS & Nature
joint initiative

Conservation Projects in Nova Scotia
Endangered Species Recovery Fund
World Wildlife Fund Canada

NSDNR Woodlot Management Home Study Program
- Online or Mail
Module - Getting More from your Woodlot