There are many field identification guides available to help you identify wildlife in your woodlot. Two guides available online:

Wildlife of Nova Scotia - ONLINE
- Julie Towers
Also available in bookstores

Birds of Nova Scotia - ONLINE
- Robie Tufts
Also available in bookstores

For more information, contact the NS Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division (902-679-6091) or a nature organization.

Animal signs
Look for animal signs which can help tell you what animals are present in your woodlot. Signs include nests, tracks, droppings, sounds and evidence of eating. Make notes and keep records of what you saw or heard, where it was located and the time of year.

Animal Signatures
Edward Claridge & Betty Ann Milligan
Field guide teaches how to recognize and interpret animal signs: tracks, droppings, nibbled twigs. $6.95


Nova Scotia Museum Books

NSDNR Woodlot Management Home Study Program
- Online or Mail
Module 4 – Wildlife & Forestry