Silviculture Programs

Silviculture assistance is available throughout Nova Scotia from:

  • Registered Wood Buyers with Wood Acquisition Plans, and
  • Association for Sustainable Forestry

Registered Wood Buyers with Wood Acquisition Plans

The Registry of Buyers is composed of individuals and businesses that acquire primary forest products for processing into secondary products, export, sale as firewood or production of energy.

Registered Wood Buyers who acquire more than 5,000 m3 (about 885 Mfbm or 2,270 cords) of round wood (primary forest products) from private woodlands in any one calendar year must have a Wood Acquisition Plan. A Wood Acquisition Plan details how the buyer will meet obligations under the Forest Sustainability Regulations.

Registered Buyers can meet their obligations under these Regulations through:

  • carring out silviculture activities on privately owned land, and/or,
  • opting to pay money directly to the Sustainable Forestry Fund (see Association for Sustainable Forestry below)


Map to access list of Registered Buyers with Wood Acquisition Plans

NS Department of Natural Resources Contacts for the Registry of Buyers

Registry of Buyers

Association for Sustainable Forestry