Ergonomics is the science that seeks to design:

  • tools
  • equipment
  • products
  • systems
  • tasks & procedures
  • environments

to be compatible with human capabilities and limitations.

Ergonomics is becoming an increasingly important consideration in every type of work including forestry. Ergonomics helps prevent injuries and promotes a happy and productive workplace.

Web Site
The Occupational Health & Safety Division, NS Department of Environment & Labour, has created an Ergonomics Web Site to provide resources and information.

Publications Currently Available Include:

  • Approaches to Improving Lifting Tasks
  • Standing on the Job
  • 6 Steps to an Ergonomics Mindset
  • How Much is Safe to Lift?

Publications Coming Soon:

  • Back injury prevention
  • Prevention of soft tissue injuries (STIs)
  • Physical environment factors


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