Fire is a serious threat to our woodland. The risk of fire damage can be reduced by good planning, including:

  • maintaining a healthy woodlot through removing dead and diseased trees, which are good fuel for fire
  • limiting access to your woodland when fire hazard conditions are high
  • conducting harvest operations, which use machinery that can cause sparks and leave fuel in the form of slash, during cooler times of year
  • cutting and distributing slash and debris as close to the ground as possible so it will decompose quickly
  • providing good access to all parts of your woodlot and locating roads close to any available water sources
  • removing debris from along the sides of roads
  • building fire ponds
  • constructing fire breaks in areas of identified fire hazards
  • buying fire insurance if available and feasible
  • complying with provincial Forest Fire Protection Legislation

Safe Working Practices
Safe working practices can prevent and minimize fire damage and include:

  • ensuring the minimum fire fighting equipment required by law of 227 ml (1 cup) of ABC fire extinguishing powder is immediately available to workers at the refueling site during the fire season
  • providing additional fire fighting materials at the work site such as barrels of water with buckets or back-pack pumps
  • not refueling saws when running and moving at least 3 m (10 feet) away from refueling area before starting
  • ensuring there are spark arrestors and good mufflers on all machinery
  • transporting gasoline and other flammable material in approved containers
  • consulting the Forest Fire Protection Legislation
  • consulting the The Forest Professional


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