As owners of over 70% of Nova Scotia's forested lands, the province's woodlot owners have a major role to play in protecting the province's biodiversity through conservation of natural areas, plants, animals and water quality.

You may want to consider formal or informal protection of areas on your woodlot that are rare or unique, or areas that are special to you. Information is available from the NS Department of Natural Resources, the NS Department of Environment and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.

Rare Species Location & Status
Information about the location and status of rare plants, animals and natural communities in Nova Scotia is available from the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre (CDC) located on the Mount Allison University campus in Sackville, New Brunswick. The CDC mandate is to provide comprehensive, current information about biodiversity as if focuses on globally, nationally or provincially rare species, many of which have been designated as endangered.

Protect Water Quality
Help protect water quality through:

NS Department of Natural Resources
Biodiversity Program
The Biodiversity Program is responsible, in partnership with other governments, industry, non-government organizations, and the public, for the conservation and sustainable use of a large number of species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles in the province. Organisms, including plants, fish, insects and other invertebrates are also considered within the program. These include species that are Species at Risk (endangered or threatened species).

Nova Scotia Habitat Conservation Fund
The Nova Scotia Habitat Conservation Fund was established under the Nova Scotia Wildlife Act to assist the funding of programs for the protection and enhancement of wildlife and wildlife habitats. The Fund is organized under four objectives: Enhancement, Acquisition, Research, and Education. Each objective has a set of priority activities. The Habitat Conservation Fund will partner in projects on a cost shared basis not to exceed 75% of total project cost.


NS Conservation License Plates

Nova Scotia Nature Trust

Nova Scotia Nature Trust - Link Directory

Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax

Wildlife Habitat and Watercourses Protection Regulations
NS Department of Natural Resources

Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre

National Tree Seed Centre
Canadian Forest - Atlantic Forestry Centre

COSEWIC Plants at Risk in Nova Scotia

COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada)

North American Bird Conservation Initiative

Wildland Invasive Species - Online
- The Nature Conservancy

Wildlife of Nova Scotia - Online
- Julie Towers
Also available in bookstores

Birds of Nova Scotia - Online
-Robie Tufts
Also available in bookstores

NS Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Division

NS Department of Environment

NS Department of Fisheries

NSDNR Woodlot Management Home Study Program
- Online or Mail
Module – Getting More From Your Woodlot